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Property Repossessions

You can stop your property from being taken away in many cases. A bankruptcy can stop repossessions once a filing is completed with the bankruptcy court. The paperwork must be filed with the court in order for the automatic stay to take place. This "stay" automatically stops repossessions from occurring so that the bankruptcy process can proceed.

Under Chapter 13 you may keep certain property by voluntarily agreeing to make the payments on the identified property. Under Chapter 7, you can keep a limited amount of property, which may include your house and cars, depending on the current market value of these items, and the amount of equity in your home.

You have rights when it comes to property repossession, but the timing of your actions, as well as the circumstances of your case can dramatically affect the outcome of you being able to keep your property.

Because each case is different it is best to speak with a qualified and experienced attorney as soon as possible. We are proud to have Richard Pierce as a partner of our firm; he is one of the most respected bankruptcy attorneys in Colorado.

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