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Overwhelming debt? You have a way to take control. We can give you solid guidance on what is best for your situation. If you have mounting debt and you are looking for advice on which way to turn, we can provide you with fast and accurate answers on how best to proceed.

We can help. If credit card debt, medical bills or personal loans are bringing harassing phone calls and collection letters, you should act quickly in order to protect yourself. You can protect a home from foreclosure, or postpone foreclosure, and protect your family and livelihood from creditor collection efforts. Lawsuits, wage or bank garnishment may have left you with very little for family or personal necessities. You might be pressured by taxes owed to the IRS or state, perhaps an eviction or vehicle repossession is looming. And, up to now, you�ve been determined to pay your bills, and you have. You may be able to make due, but the amount of your debt makes it virtually impossible to pay it off in any reasonable amount of time, and, the credit card companies have collected plenty from you.

You may feel shamed about the prospect of filing bankruptcy - do not, the poor economy and the tactics of creditors in lending and collecting money are dictating it is in your best interest to utilize the bankruptcy laws. The bankruptcy laws are designed and intended to help people in exactly your situation, and there is nothing wrong with doing what is allowed under the law.

With the right advice, you will quickly be on the road to solvency and be out from under the burden of crushing debt. As your experienced Colorado bankruptcy attorneys, we will provide the personal attention and the aggressive representation you need to untangle the details of your debt, and allow you to make a fresh start. We will advise you whether personal bankruptcy, or debt consolidation and a payment plan, offers the best relief from your creditors. With this achieved, you will be able to start rebuilding your credit, remove the overwhelming stress of your financial situation, and reclaim your life.

Due to the potential negative consequences, it is vital to properly evaluate which bankruptcy chapter you fall under---Chapter 7(Liquidation) or Chapter 13(Debt Adjustment).

Chapter 7 will provide relief from payments on specific types of debt. It may delay the foreclosure process on your home or the repossession of a vehicle, and, it may allow you to negotiate with the creditor regarding payment. If you are current on your home or car payment, Chapter 7 can allow you to retain your home and car without issue.

With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, the foreclosure on a home or repossession of a vehicle may be prevented, and it may also allow you time to regain your footing with a repayment plan. The debts dischargeable under Chapter 13 are broader in scope. You may voluntarily file under Chapter 13, or the bankruptcy laws may dictate that you may not utilize Chapter 7, forcing you to file under Chapter 13. You are forced into a Chapter 13, generally, due to high income relative to the number of people in your household, or due to a previous Chapter 7 filing. Typical reasons to file a voluntary Chapter 13 are tax debt or a desire to keep assets you would be required to forfeit in a Chapter 7.

You have options. Take the first step towards a fresh start by calling today to arrange a cost-free consultation with us, your knowledgeable Colorado bankruptcy attorneys.

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